We’ve got a small purse and big dreams for a place where neighbors, families and friends can gather to learn about dairy farming and our food system, as well as the history of agriculture in our valley. The farm will be a place to learn, explore and create memories. 

We have much to do before we can open to the public in 2018, so we need your support now!

Whether you’d like to become a founding member or help us “Raise the Roof,” donating to the Livestock Foundation demonstrates your commitment to preserving the rural traditions of our farming community and supporting programming that encourages agricultural engagement and education. We thank you for sharing this commitment. 


Become a founding member of the Livestock Foundation!

Your donation today will get you to some pretty special member benefits! All new donors whose contributions are received before the farm opens in 2018 will enjoy exclusive member-only invitations and programming discounts!

Bovina Valley Gratitude Certificates can be used as cash with any of the Bovina Valley family of brands including Dry Town Tavern & Inn, Cowbella and Bovina Valley Farms. (Details to be provided with the certificate.)

The roof is leaking and the cows are coming to the farm! We need to “Raise the Roof!”

Join us in raising the $56,800 needed to replace the roof on the dairy barn. We are replacing it with a standing seam roof, the same as is on the Bovina Valley Creamery. These roofs come with a warranty of 35 years and will last well into the future. We have been awarded a challenge grant from The O'Connor Foundation! They will match your donation 100%, up to $10,000. Help us “Raise the Roof!”

Raise the Roof!

All "Raise the Roof" donors will be acknowledged in member listings, and we'll even give you a shout out on social media to show our gratitude (unless you would prefer to remain anonymous.)

$250 donors are "Adopting" a Cow! We will send you a photo and history of one of the Cowbella gals! You'll be able to meet her in person when the farm opens next year!

$500 donors will be recognized with a plaque hung in the dairy barn. The inscription can be up to 3 lines, 50 characters per line. 

$750+ donors will receive a private farm tour and pasture picnic for up to four people. 



Donating time to a cause you believe in can be a fun way to give back to your community!  

As the farm develops and the viewing room at the Creamery opens, we will be building a team of volunteers to assist with various tasks and to help us represent our community. Whether helping with archives, providing some extra hands at an event, or bringing a specialized skill to our team, every minute you can share will help this farm grow! If you’re interested in dedicating some time, there are a variety of ways you can get involved.