With your help, we were able to meet a 1-to-1 match grant for $10,000 from The O'Connor Foundation towards the replacement of our barn roof! We are truly grateful and excited to be part of such an amazing community of support! YOU RAISED THE ROOF!

LF Barn Painted.png

We’ve got big dreams for a place where neighbors, families and friends can gather to learn about dairy farming and our food system, as well as the history of agriculture in our valley. The farm will be a place to learn, explore and create memories. 

We have much to do before we can open to the public, so we need your support now!

Whether you’d like to become a founding member or volunteer, your contribution to Livestock Foundation demonstrates your commitment to preserving the rural traditions of our farming community and supporting programming that encourages agricultural engagement and education. We thank you for sharing this commitment. 


Donating time to a cause you believe in can be a fun way to give back to your community!  

As the farm develops and the viewing room at the Creamery opens, we will be building a team of volunteers to assist with various tasks and to help us represent our community. Whether helping with archives, providing some extra hands at an event, or bringing a specialized skill to our team, every minute you can share will help this farm grow! If you’re interested in dedicating some time, there are a variety of ways you can get involved. 


Become a founding member of the Livestock Foundation!

Your donation today will get you to some pretty special member benefits! All new donors whose contributions are received before the farm opens in 2018 will enjoy exclusive member-only invitations and programming discounts!

Bovina Valley Gratitude Certificates can be used as cash with any of the Bovina Valley family of brands including Dry Town Tavern & Inn, Cowbella and Bovina Valley Farms. (Details to be provided with the certificate.)



Susan LaFever
Duane LaFever, Delaware Bulldozing Corp
Joan Lawrence Bauer, Catskill Mountain News
Glenna and Stephen MacGrotty
John and Leslie Madeo
Cynthia McGahee
Taber and Heather McNaughton
Pam Benson and Alan McPheely
Rick Mills and Tricia DeBartolome
Bill and Leslie Mokay
Nils and Kara Morgan
Brian and Penny Mulder, Union Grove Distillery
Mike and Donna Noonan, Glenanore Farm
Daniel Pelletier
Jan Pelletier
Betty Powell, Plum and Honey Vintage
Nicholas and Betsy Rama
Robson's Christmas Trees (in honor of John E. Robson Sr.)
Candace Rudd
Sarah Ryan
Jim and Nancy Thomson
Ann Marie Thurgood
Joan Tubridy
Martha Van Burek
Jessica Vecchione, Vecc Videography
David Wawro
Andrew Wos (in honor of Broadlands Management Corporation)
+1 Anonymous

Jeffrey Ashton, Coldwell Banker Timberland Properties
Madonna Badger and William Duke
Janine Bray
Tom and Donna Briggs
Faiga Brussel, Good Cheap Food
Marks and Joy Buerge
Steve and Kristie Burnett, Burnett Farms (in honor of "our parents who taught us to support those that support us")
Diane Cognitore
Lisabeth Collins
Jay and Kristy Conlin
Cynthia Dee
Linda DeWitt
Judith Dougherty
Allison Holland and Josh Epstein
Nicholas J. Frandsen
Ken Hiratsuka and Gloria McLean
Don Farley
Farming Bovina
John Finn and Wendy Buerge
Diane Galusha
Amy Goddard
Heidi Gogins
Tom and Kim Hardardt
Deanna Karpe
Kathleen Kline
LaFever Sand & Gravel
LaFever Excavating, Inc.